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Known as the “Original Trailer Jockey,” the TJ Series has evolved into three reliable models of yard jockey trucks: the TJ 5000, 6500, and 9000 series. The difference between each model is single or double rear axle, the surface conditions where it’ll work, and its gross combined weight rating (GCWR). All Capacity yard jockey models can be off-road or DOT, depending on your needs, as well as with your choice of features. Choose the right TJ model for you!

For nearly 50 years Capacity terminal trucks have been the preferred choice for operators of ports, rail yards, and truck terminals. At any given moment, there is a Capacity terminal truck taking command of a job. It’s also good to know that Capacity is part of REV Group: a manufacturer of specialty vehicles in the bus, RV, ambulance, street sweeper, and yard truck markets, with over two-billion-dollars in assets.

Capacity TJ Series

Capacity TJ 5000

TJ 5000

Capacity Terminal Tractors are built to outperform and outlast the competition. The TJ series is available in off-highway and on-highway models and each unit is designed and engineered to maximize performance, delivering unmatched strength and day-to-day reliability.

The TJ 5000 is a single-axle yard jockey truck with a GCWR of up to 81,000-lbs. We recommend it for warehouse and distribution. It’s also great for intermodal trucking where there are rough surface conditions like potholes and railroad crossings.

For an over-the-highway option, the DOT-Certified model meets all DOT requirements for operating on public roads. Built with a variety of street-legal features it delivers superior versatility and strength.

Download the TJ 5000 Brochure

Capacity TJ 6500

TJ 6500

Every Capacity truck that rolls off the line is designed and engineered with one goal in mind: to maximize uptime. From the one-piece structural steel frame to the interior of the cab, every inch of this TJ6500 is designed to deliver brains and brawn.

The TJ 6500 features a tandem axle and has GCWR of up to 125,000-lbs. The 6500 is the perfect yard jockey for warehouse work with ideal surface conditions.

This tandem axle unit is also available in a Non-DOT model, ready to be a reliable workhorse in day-to-day, over-the-road operations. The TJ6500 offers gradeability of 90,000 pounds at a 17 percent grade.

Download the TJ 6500 Brochure

Capacity TJ 9000

TJ 9000

Take one look at a Capacity Terminal Tractor and you’ll see – you’ve found the ultimate power player designed and engineered for maximum uptime. From the one-piece structural steel frame to the interior of the cab, every inch of this challenge-hungry TJ9000 is designed to meet your biggest jobs.

The TJ 9000 is a single-axle yard jockey truck with an impressive GCWR of up to 242,000-lbs. It can work anywhere: intermodal, warehouse and distribution, or for port trucking, and it handles rough surface conditions with ease.

Download the TJ 9000 Brochure

DURA-RIDE (air suspension)

Available on the TJ 5000 and TJ 9000

Dura-Ride is Capacity’s patented air spring suspension system that’s available as an option on our TJ 5000 and 9000 models. It provides both the cargo and operator with s smoother ride and greatly reduces maintenance and operator healthcare issues.

Dura-Ride’s unique system gets high marks from operators and maintenance officials alike. The competition offers something similar, but do compare! Those who ride in a Capacity Truck with Dura-Ride versus another brand say there’s no comparison. We think you will too!